Steven Kamajian, DO, CMD, FACOFP has no problem bringing his unique perspective to any situation because that is what he always does.

    Dr. Kamajian Astra Zeneca Grant

  • The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation Awarded a $192,994 Grant to Westminster Free Clinic to Improve Heart Health. Dr. Kamajian is the co-founder. The Westminster Free Clinic with locations in Thousands Oak and Westlake Village, California received a grant of $192,994 from the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation’s Connections for Cardiovascular Health℠ program in support of their Corazones Sanos para Mi Familia (Healthy Hearts for My Family) that works to improve cardiovascular health within Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
  • Dr. Kamajian, a board certified family practice specialist has spent his 30-plus-year career on the frontlines of health care serving the youngest patients to the oldest. He’s treated people in the traditional hospital setting as well as in skilled nursing facilities and hospice centers.
  • Dr. Kamajian also took his skills to where he considered them most in need, and founded the Westminster Free Clinic. Not satisfied with merely setting up another clinical environment, Dr. Kamajian employed the medical home model decades before health care reform and legislated “accountable care” came into play. Simply, he saw the innovative model as an effective means to give the hard-to-reach, low-income patient population access to not only physicians like himself, but also to dentists, pharmacists, nurses, mental health counselors, allied health professionals, attorneys, and others.
  • As health care enters a new phase, physicians are challenged to adjust to new schools of thought, but Dr. Kamajian has long looked beyond traditional practice philosophies. For example, he’s been an enthusiastic proponent of adapting successful strategies from other industries. If the policy of disruptive innovation, in which management steps aside to allow those closest to the process or problem to freely brainstorm solutions, works in the corporate world, why couldn’t it be equally successfully in the medical setting?